Challenge:     International jet charter operator and aircraft management company Jet Edge International was looking to enhance their web identity with new photography. This included portraits of c-suite executives and staff as well as an image library of the Jet Edge maintenance team and aircraft operations department.

Result:      Working with the Jet Edge marketing team, we talked about the audience for these images. Their clients and the staff of their clients are accustomed to quality and an extremely high level of service. Bob Beresh suggested that the portraits should be elegant, without trend or novelty and convey confidence. Additionally, we would shoot a more industrial portrait option for each member of their staff. After scouting an appropriate location at the Jet Edge headquarters, we set up both shots 180° from each other to eliminate the need for their executives to take additional time from their schedule for a second look. The images dovetail with their branding and are being used in web presence and social marketing.

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